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My last 3 sims who partecipate at the pegeant of Miss Sim Italy 2014! ^^ And HERE are all the participants! ;)





Today I was… well wondering about who is still into the fandom, actively drawing, writing and creating, because our poor fandom is dead and… deader?
I can see a lot of writers are still writing a lot, AUs or not AUs, but I can see a lot of fan fic every week, and well this is just great.

But fan art, I’m confused because sometimes I feel so lonely with my ship…
I have Fili and Kili in my heart in a canon and fanon way and I just can’t help myself, it never happened to me before to love a book/film and his character that deeply, that longer and sometimes I feel weird for that.
The point is that I see pretty everyone in other fandoms, in multifandoms while I just can’t leave this drowning ship.

I can’t understand if it feel good or bad, right or wrong, I’m so confused right now because I see so many things, facts, decisions, opinions around me and I find myself not having any.

Summer time gave me great times, but it was just like a dream, now I’m awake and alone in my home as usual, staring at the screen with the pen in my hand and not doing nothing because, uh, after all the routine is not giving me any inspiration as usual ò_ò


Well, let’s be pro-positive then.
I need some distraction like films or telefilms, and if you are going to suggest “Guardian of Galaxy”, well my shitty country will allow our poor italians to watch the movie on 16 FUCKING OCTOBER 2014… TOO BAD.
I’m going to watch How to train your dragon 2 tomorrow and I have a lot of expectations about that movie, hopefully I will create a Fili and Kili in that viking style tomorrow…
But I’m sure there is more gold out there and I need some suggestions from you guys: surprise me please <3

Now I’m gonna watch Cast Away because i’m a nidiot <3

Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me.

No, seriously, I don’t wanna put shit on you, I know you’ve had more than enough lately, but I would just like to point myself out and say “HEY, HELLO, YES, VICKYMAUS HERE  (aka mausart now too), I HAVE DONE 7 FILI AND KILI DRAWINGS IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS”
…do you even check the tags?? Yeah, yes, I know you’ve been on vacation, but dude, it feels like being totally ignored while I’m sailing the same ship…

And you know what, marisdrawings draws them often too, and miusart used to draw them too until she got fed up with the fandom’s attitude. “What attitude are you talking about, maus, the fuck??” Well, the attitude that only a few of you seem to get the fandom’s attention. I don’t quite get it yet, but some of us draw them, often putting a lot of effort into it (not saying you don’t do this, ok?), and people hardly notice, unless one of those who DO get the fandom’s attention reblogs us. Then there are a few cases, you included, who are the tumblr famous fanartists of the fandom and just a few minutes after posting a drawing BOOM 100+, 200+ notes or more…

It is very discouraging for the non-tumblr-famous fanartists of the fandom when we see this. It’s a feeling like- “¿???¿¿What are they doing that we don’t do???¿? Why do they get so much more attention when my drawings are just as good??¿”. Ok, some have obvious answers to those questions, but quite a lot of others don’t. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this, but let me tell you: discouraging. Very. Discouraging. So potential awesome fanartists get disheartened and slowly drop off the ship/fandom, at least in trying to draw and contribute. And that’s so very sad.

On the other hand, another thing  I’ve been noticing it’s that The Hobbit fandom seems to be like a second-hand fandom to most people. Like yeah, they’re in the fandom, but they only awake when there’s new material out. The Hobbit doesn’t seem to be their main fandom, so they only draw Hobbit stuff after a film is out, or scenes from the extended editions are released, or there’s a new trailer. Or yes, it might be a primary fandom for them but they don’t ship Fili and Kili, or not as much as us, for whom they have become an OTP! There are loads of people drawing Bagginshield out there, for instance, or other pairings within The Hobbit fandom. Some other people seem to have moved on and they’re not that interested anymore, if any interested at all.

So, there, there you go  (◕__◕)*:・゚ reasons/causes why you might feel lonely with “your” ship (it’s a lot of other people’s ship too, you know?).

Just let me make one last point clear: I’m not saying it’s your fault, and I’m not blaming you directly for this, ok?? I’m just stating facts that I and other few fellas have been noticing for months now and that just needed to be said. This post of yours has just lit the sparkle within me that I needed to say them.

This said, I shall add one more thing: don’t stop drawing them, if you still ship them and love them then keep drawing them! If you notice you get less attention, if you notice that the ship is drowning… well, it shouldn’t matter as long as you still enjoy it and there are still some people there sailing with you. And I hope others who dropped off the ship some day find the heart to come back and delight us again with their art again~

P.S: I’ve just seen this in your other blog:

[…] I thought about us as the only durincest fan artist left […]

[…] Then today I saw some fan art in fuckyeah-durincest and it was like breathing again, not alone, not for now^^ I need to look for the other durincest fan artist and interact more with them, I think it’s something I must do right now. […]

Well, yes, you are not alone, come check us out, ok? Thanks, peace.

*takes a deep breath*

HELL YES TO WHAT VICKY SAID. Every word she said it’s so deeply accurate. 

Yeah, I kind of “dropped out” of the fandom, as Vicky said, because I was so fed up with this situation I just simply said: fuck it. I was so, let’s put it this way, disappointed that you do stuff, hard work and you just go unnoticed and then other famous artists get +100 instantly and you just sit there looking at the screen and say: oh.

Believe me, it’s really discouraging. 

That’s why I draw so much stuff of my own OCs that really almost nobody notices because, well, it’s not "fandom related" but I’ll still do it because, fuck it, I can draw what makes me happy. As well as other fandom stuff.

And well, second point is that I’m one of those multifandom person. I’m into lot’s of things and I do not exclusively dedicate my entire art into just one fandom, but lots. I don’t post much of that, but I try. (But then again we are back to square one, nobody notices the artwork and desist trying). But I think Vicky says it clear here:

So, there, there you go  (◕__◕)*:・゚ reasons/causes why you might feel lonely with “your” ship (it’s a lot of other people’s ship too, you know?).

You know, it hurts so much to try so hard and then see how little you accomplish where other people just with a snap of their fingers and have it all.

Basically it’s what Vicky said, she got all the points right and I just want to say, amen to all that.

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I keep trying the demo of The Sims 4 CAS! ^^ This time I had fun with Daughter of Smoke and Bone characters… but I’m not fully convinced of the result!!! XD Sooner or later I will try to create them again with my old dear The Sims 2!!! :)

Ps: but it’s me or this Zuzana looks like Mila Kunis? :P

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finding fanfiction i haven’t read yet


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I’m trying the demo of The Sims 4 Cas and this is my first sim!!!!! :D Not bad, I like their expressions!!! ^^

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Ah, this is so beautiful<3

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I finished another tribute in art nouveau style and this time about a seaside resort (Cornino), which I love, near my city (Trapani)! I think I&#8217;ve done my best in this one!!! *-*

I finished another tribute in art nouveau style and this time about a seaside resort (Cornino), which I love, near my city (Trapani)! I think I’ve done my best in this one!!! *-*


minimalist asoiaf
brotherhood without banners



When I was upset or suffering from a terrible day, nothing cheered me up more, even for a minute, than watching this man’s films or watching his interviews online. There is no way you could not laugh or crack a smile and his comedic nature. Thank you Robin.